Thursday, October 13, 2011

Correios Brasil Tracking

Correios Brasil is the government owned companies which is part of the Brazilian POst and Telegraph Corporation. The company offer various postal and financial services to its customers all over the Brasil. It also provide EMS and postal services to around 220 countries all over the world through EMS Cooperative and UPU / Universal Postal Union.

Correios Brasil provide various services to the individual customers, business and corporate players in their communication at local level or globally.

Customers can visit the website to know about the rates and prices, agencies, dial collection, addresses, online EMS tracking. You can send, buy, receive, request, follow, online shopping via Correiosnet.

Banco Postal is the postal bank by the Correios Brasil and you should visit the office or website to know about various services and facilities offered to the customers.

Users can also fetch ZIP code / Address through the search facility provided by the company through its online web tool.

Those who want to know the current status of their consignment booked through the Correios Brazil can also track EMS / Postal booking through 13 digit code submitting in the track and trace box.

Website has also been developed for Mobile and smartphones and users can use the mobile version of the website.

Av. Vargas, 3077 23 th Floor - Centro
CEP 20202-900
Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Phone: (21) 2503-8097
FAX: (21) 2503-8377

Brundi Post Office

Brundi Post office information is available online through the official website of the agency. Office Nationale de la Poste Brundi is offering EMS / Express Mail Service for the users to connect to the whole world and communicate with people and companies in more than 200 member countries of the EMS Cooperative.

Services offered by the RNP / Regie Nationale Des Postes:
  • Postal Parcel
  • Postal Money Order
  • Post Mail
  • Express Mail Service / EMS
  • CyberPoste
  • Postal Giro Accounts
  • Post Bus
  • Philately

National postal servies has its network in the country and world wide associates through the EMS Cooperative. One can visit the web to know about the management and administration. Services details can be fetched from website. News and announcements are also updated from time to time on the website.

Brundi POst is not having online tracking facility. While the customers can visit the office to know the offline tracking i.e. information after receiving the posts in the designated post office.

Boulevard Patrice Lumumba
P.O.Box. 258 Bujumbura
Phone : (257) 22 32 51( standard)
Fax : (257) 22 07 00
(257) 22 07 02

Services of Fedex and DHL are also available in Burundi which are the private carriers in the country for global packages and courier services.
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