Monday, October 31, 2011

EMS Tracking

It is all about finding the current status of your Express Mail Service through any of the EMS Cooperative member or operator all over the world. You can find the EMS status by entering the 13 digit reference number for EMS Tracking. Many of the national postal services have included the EMS Track and Trace facility in their main postal service websites while many have created the separate website for the EMS Track and Trace facility.

It is the Express mail service by the postal agency of any country for local or global destinations through their own network or with the other members or operators of EMS Coop. 

EMS Cooperative is the group working under the UPU / Universal Postal Union which is a United Nations body and most of the countries are members of this organizations.

You can visit the individual websites of various postal services for tracking of your EMS consignments via :
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