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PTT Kargo Takip Posta Kodu

Turkish Postal Service was originally started in 1840 and it has undergone various changes and available in PTT form offering wide arrary of services to the people of Turkey. Online transactions and many online interactive services are offered by the PTT web portal. There are services like Calculation tool, Electronic PTT, Interactive services and to find nearest PTT. E Card, Postal Cheque account statement, e philately, Telegraph, Interactive cargo, International Item Tracking, Domestic Item Tracking, Postal Cheque Internet Branch, Delivery charges and delivery duration etc.

Postal, Logistics and Bank Services:
  • Letter Post Items
  • Hybrid Mail
  • Special Services
  • Telegraphs
  • Library Services
  • Tele Post / Fax
  • Stamps
  • Postal Subscriber box
  • Notification Procedure
  • Philately and Stamps
  • Domestic Cargo
  • Partnerships
  • International Cargo
  • Packing Materials
  • EMS / Express Mail Service
  • Door to Door Delivery Service
  • Money Order
  • Payments
  • Transactions
  • Pension and Aid
  • Account Transactions
  • Transaction with the Agreed Ban
  • Bill Collection
  • Effective Transactions
  • Sales of Consignment Product
  • Insurance Transactions
  • Procedures
  • Social Security
  • Subscription
  • Institution Prem

Online Tracking of domestic and international items via web tool is possible. Users can fetch the latest online status of their shipment by providing the shipping reference numbers. One can find the info about the domestic items or international items like Express Mails or letters.

Istanbul, Izmir, Adana, Ankara, Bursa, Antalya, Konya, Sanliurfa, Mersin, Kocaeli, Gaziantep, Diyarbakur, sorgulama, Van, öğrenme, Hatay, Erzurum, Manisa, Balikesir, Samsun, Kayseri, Kahramanmaras are the larest cities in Turkey. Users can avail the postal services by finding nearest PTT office. One can also find the postal codes / posta kodu online or contact the company officials for services and information.

Contact Address:
PTT Genel Mdrl - General Directorate of Turkish Post
Şehit Teğmen Kalmaz Cad. No:2 06101 Ulus / ANKARA
Tel: +90 312 560 50 00
Fax: +90 312 3095144-45
E-mail : [email protected]
Website: http://www.ptt.gov.tr


www.SendFromChina.com is leading service which has great postal and shipping service from various cities of China to the countries across the world. Major traffic on the website is coming from the Google and SFCService.com. It is among popular website in Finland, China, Canada, USA. Various Chinese products are send to different countries across the world from the following cities of China.
  • Beijing
  • Gansu
  • Anhui
  • Fujian
  • Hainan
  • Guangdong
  • Hebei
  • Henan
  • Guizhou
  • Guangxi
  • Inner Mangolia
  • Liaoning
  • Shanxi
  • Shandong
  • Sichuan
  • Shaanxi
  • Shanghai
  • Xinjiang
  • Tianjin
  • Zhejian
  • Yunnan
  • Hongkong
  • Chongqing
  • Macau
  • Taiwan

Website visitors or online users can visit the website for various product shipping from China to all over the world. Sentfromchina.com is the other website by the same company. Postal and Parcel services are offered to you through world famous package carriers like UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx etc. This company is preferred customer and that is why online users get economical postal service. US Postal Fee / US Postage Fee can be known from the website through the price calculator and shipping charges for shipping to United States of America.

Shipping and Express Services:
  • Shipping from China to USA ... something fast and affordable
  • China Registered Postal Service (with tracking number)
  • Discounted China Postal Service, an alternative of China Post, but faster!
  • China Postal Service (no tracking number)
  • China International Express Mail and Courier Service
  • Important notes regarding China International Express Mail
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment
  • Package Forwarding from China
  • Global Shipping

Contact Address:
Shenzhen Processing Center:
338#, Rongfa Road, Dong Cun, Ban TianLink, Longgang District,
Shenzhen City,
Guang Dong Provice,
Postal Code:518129
Telephone: +1 647 800 0411 (English)
Telephone: +86 (400) 881.8106 (Chinese)
Website: http://www.sendfromchina.com

Postal Code of Tanzania Postal Service

Tanzania Posts Corporation was founded in 1994 to cater the postal and financial needs of people of the country. TPC offer a range of services related to postal, financial, internet and philatelic.

Main services offered by the company are given below:
  • Stamps Services
  • Phone Cards
  • Greeting Cards
  • Post Shop Services
  • Revenue Stamps
  • Photocopy Services
  • Secretarial Services
  • Revenue Stamps
  • Economy Parcel
  • Economy Letter Mail
  • Priority Letter Mail
  • City Urgent Mail
  • News Paper Subscription
  • Post Cargo
  • Advertising Mail
  • Agency Services
  • Money Transfer
  • Post Giro
  • Tariff
  • Track and Trace Facility
  • Post Code Service

United Republic of Tanzania is an African country which is sharing border with Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda, Cango, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique.
  • Tanga
  • Arusha
  • Tabora
  • Dodoma
  • Singida
  • Iringa
  • Shinyanga
  • Kagera
  • RuvumaKigoma
  • Rukwa
  • Kilimanjaro
  • Pwani
  • Lindi
  • Pemba South
  • Manyara
  • Pemba North
  • Mara
  • MwanzaMbeya
  • Mtwara
  • Morogoro
  • Zanzibar Central/South
  • Zanzibar Urban/WestZanzibar North
  • Dar es Salaam
  • Shinyanga
  • Mwanza
  • Kigoma
  • Zanzibar
  • Songea
  • Morogoro
  • Mtwara
  • Moshi
  • Iringa
  • Dodoma
  • Tabora
  • Arusha
  • Korogwe

Users can find the current status of their shipment via online tracking tool. Users can enter their ems reference numbers to known their current status.

Know the postal codes of various regions and cities in the country. To know about the postal codes of different areas you should visit the official website or contact the nearest post office.

Contact Address:
At Our Postal Address: P.O. Box 9551 Dar es Salaam
Fax number: 255-22-2118182
Telephone Number 255-22-2114645
Website: http://www.posta.co.tz

Wikipedia Login

Wikipedia is openly editable web based multilingual free content encyclopedia project which was started by the Jimmu Wales. It is developed in various languages like English, Italiano, Espanol, Portugues, Chinese, Polski, Japanese, Russian, Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati etc.

Wikipedia English is currently having 3796287 content articles and 25502188 total pages. It is running on Mediawiki version 1.18. There are 825515 uploaded files while 498170604 edits. Currently, there are 1514 administrators and 15701860 registered users as on 15th November 2011.

There have been classification of the wikipedia subsections like 100000 plus articles containing languages, 10000 plus articles having languages, 1000 plus articles languages and 100 plus articles having languages.

Other common projects of the Wikipedia are Wiktionary, Wikispecies, Meta Wiki, Wikinews, Wikimedia, Wikiversity, Wikibooks, Commons, Wikisource, Wikiquote. 

Users can create account by selecting username, password, email id and verification. Once you have created an account then you can update, edit with user login.

Main Page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

Baidu Login

Baidu is a Chinese search engine and internet company which was founded in 2000. It was started by the Robin Li and with the passage of time it has become the most popular Chinese website / search engine and an alternative to Google.com in China. Now, It is offering a range of products and services related to the Internet and searching in China.

Products and Services:

Search Products and Web Directory: Web Search, Frequently Used Information Search, Image Search, HAO123, Video Search, Web Directory, Map Search, Dictionary, MP3 Search, File Search, News

Search based Community Products: Post Bar, NearYou, Knows, Experience, Space, Search and Store, Encyclopedia, Wenku

Mobile Search and Products: Mobile Search, Mobile Map, Palm, Mobile Quicksearch, Mobile Phone Input Method

Products and Services for Websites and Enterprises: Open Platform, Search Ranking and Search Index, Statistics, Data Center, Ads Manager

E Commerce and Entertainment Products: Games, Ting!, Entertainment, BaiduPay, Youa

Software and Related Search Products: Hi, Computer Manager, Toolbar and Companion, Input Method Editor, TT Player, Software Search

Other Products and Services: Senior Citizen Search, Patent Search, Search for Visually Impaired, Book Search, University Search, Ancient Chinese Literature Search, Blog Search, Legal Search

Products and Services by Affiliated and Cooperative Websites: Qiyi Internet TV, Rakuten Mall, Baidu Leju, Baidu Sky

Baidu Login is important for the users from China as it is world's largest Chinese language news platform and search engine. New users can create their accounts while those who are having their accounts can sign in to the website using their account name and password. If you have forgot your password or need any kind of assistance related to your personal info or account then visit the FAQ section.

Login page: https://passport.baidu.com/?login

Yahoo Login

Yahoo is a global website which was much more popular then Google once upon a time. As on today, It is ranked 4th globally according to Alexa Ranking. Yahoo mail have been one of the most popular service by the company though there are many more services offered by the company which are used by millions of users across the world.

Popular Yahoo sites and services are Dating, Mail, Games, Autos, Flickr, Finance, Horoscopes, Movies, Jobs, My Yahoo, Messengers, Screen, News, Real Estate, OMG, Shine, Weather, TV, Shopping, Travel, Sports, Health, Answers, Maps, Local, Groups, Music etc. 

One can avail all the services from the company from the single yahoo login account. Yahoo search is also very popular in many countries across the world. Answers and questions feature is very popular where one can ask a questions and those who know the answers or have any idea about that can answers for that specific question. 

Yahoo mail and messenger have been very popular from years and their are loyal fans to these products of the company across the globe. You can visit country specific website for specif services and details. One can follow the new announcements and activities through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

Yahoo Account Login - http://www.yahoo.com/

New users can go for sign up while the existing users can visit the sign in page.

Now, sign in is also possible via Facebook and Google accounts.

Youtube Login

Youtube.com is world's third most popular website on internet. It is world's largest video sharing community and social media website. Company was initially launched by the former Paypal employees who later sold this to Google Inc. just one year after the inception of this popular video sharing website.

Youtube login is not required for watching the videos on this website. Those who wants to create their own channel or comment on videos, want to like, manage, upload and share their videos may join the website by creating their account.

This website has grown with the Google and now world's major events are broadcasted live through instant streaming across the world. Millions of videos are updated by millions of users everyday. Code can be directly embeded into various websites on itnernet to directly share and watch the videos from world's most popular video sharing website.

Across the world, users can watch various programs live on this website through direct streaming. Once can also visit the blog, media, developers section, advertising, creators an partners etc. Safety mode can be selected as on, off or moderate on this community.

Youtube login is required mainly to maintain your own account / channel to broadcast yourself. There are videos, which are having millions of views. Justine Bieber and many other celebrities maintain their  channels on youtube.com.

Youtube Sign in: http://www.youtube.com

All the Google inc. websites can be manaaged through single Google account.
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