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DHL Login

DHL Multishipping is the special service by the Deutsche Post World Net to the customers where one can book the consignment for transport and track the movements. Users can check the documents related to transport and print out labels required. Users need to enter their username, company id and password to access the service. After the submission of information one need to click on the login button. If you have forgot your password then visit the help page for the password recovery.

This website is having more than 95% of visitors from the Sweden and around 5% from rest of the world.

Customers can find the services in Stolkhom, Gotebord, Sverige. is the main website for the Swedish customers for Post and DHL Tracking.

One can also manage the account and tracking of the mails and posts by the world's leading courier service provider.

DHL Login Multishipping Website:

La Poste Tunisienne - is the official website of the La Poste Tunisienne. It is the government owned postal service in the country offering nationwide and across the world communication and postal services. Users can visit the website to know about the various postal and financial products and services. Users can find the rates for various parcels / express mail or letters. To know about the transit time one can contact the officials or website. Those who have booked consignment with the company can also track and trace their shipment online via reference number given to the users.

EMS / Rapid Poste service is provided by the company to the service seekers from more than 220 destinations via 33 specialized agencies to cover the service across the nation.

One can visit the website for various services and info about the postal services. It is developed in the French language.

Contact Address:
La Poste Tunisienne
Centre RAPID-POSTE El Manar
Adresse : 1, Rue Malaga 2092 El Manar I
Téléphone : (+216) 71 888 888
Official website:

Tunisian Republic is one of the African country located in the northern side of African continent. Libya, Algeria, Maghreb are the surrounding countries to the Tunisia. Tunis is the capital city and total population of the country is around 10.5 millions. Tunisia is in relationship with African Union, European Union and Arab world. Largest cities list is given below:
  • Tunis
  • La Goulette
  • Sfax
  • Gafsa
  • Sousse
  • Kasserine
  • Midoun
  • Gabes
  • Kairouan
  • Bizerte
For more info about the Tunisian Postal Service one should visit the above given link.


Posten Sweden is the government organization and one of the largest corporation in the country with more than 33000 employees across the nation. It can reach to every nook and corner in the country and deliver the shipment and posts to each and every address in the Sweden. It is one of the largest logistics operator and messaging company in the Nordic region and provide world class postal services. Global Letters and Parcel delivery are offered by the company across the Nordic region and around the world through the network of operating companies.

Main services and products by the company in the segment of letters and periodicals, parcels and pallets as well as direct marketing services:
  • Express Parcel
  • DPD Business Parcel
  • Pall.ett
  • Home Parcel
  • International Parcel Post
  • P.EX Air and Ocean
  • DPD
  • Colelction Request
  • Consignment Letter
  • First Class Mail International
  • Registered Mail
  • Domestic and International Services
  • Post Box
  • Postage Paid
  • Economy Mail
  • Express Mail
  • Business Reply Service
  • Letter Shipment
  • Periodicals
  • Address list
  • ADM / Address Direct Marketing
  • Address Updating
  • UDM / Unaddressed Direct Mailing
  • IDM

Users can also visit the website for various services and useful links. One can visit the web for finding the postal codes, book collection, login to pacsoft online, finding delivery items and Online track and trace facility.

Online Posten Tracking is available for the various postal services for domestic and international consignments. Users need to enter the required consignment numbers to find the current online status of your post / shipment.

Official website:

Country Info:
Sweden is a Nordic country and part of Northern Eurpe. Other countries in vicinity are Denmark, Norway, Finland. Country is having parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy. Legislature is known as Riksdag. Stockholm is the national capital and largest city. Swedish is the official language. It is one of the highest developed economy in the world. Alferd Nobel who is the founder of Nobel prize was a Swedish. List of largest cities of Sweden are given below:
  • Stockholm
  • Örebro
  • Gothenburg
  • Västerås
  • Malmö
  • Linköping
  • Uppsala
  • Borlänge
  • Gävle
  • Halmstad
  • Falun
  • Helsingborg
  • Växjö
  • Jönköping
  • Borås
  • Sundsvall
  • Södertälje
  • Upplands Väsby
  • Norrköping
  • Tumba
  • Eskilstuna
  • Luleå
  • Skövde
  • Lund
  • Östersund
  • Täby
  • Karlstad
  • rollhättan
  • Umeå
  • Kalmar
Visit the website for useful info and services of the Swedish Posten.

Syria Post

Syrian Post is the national postal service offering financial, postal and value added services to its customers. The company is having it's offices across the country and serving the people of the country for their domestic and international postal services. Major services of all kinds offered by the company are listed below:
  • Postal Items
  • Service Query
  • EMS / Express Mail Service
  • Distribution Services
  • Postal Parcel Service
  • Rental Service of Franking Machines
  • Postcards
  • Newspapers and Publication Services
  • Postal Boxes Rental Services
  • Stamp Selling
  • Picture Cards Selling
  • Photocopying Service
  • Internet Service
  • Envelopes and Cardboard Box Selling
  • Foreign Remittance
  • Money Orders
  • Housing Transfer

Registered members can use the login bar for managing their account by username nad password. If you have forgot your username or password then visit the help section.

Track and Trace Facility: Users can find their posts / consignments online. EMS Tracking is one of the most searched and used service online by the postal website. Users can also find the postal charges for EMS / Packages etc.
Official website:

Country info:
Syrian Arab Republic is country located in the western Asia. It is sharing borders with Israel, Lebanon, Jordan Turkey, Iraq, Mediterranean Sea. It is Muslim country with Sunny community as 74%, Shia 14% and Christian 10 % of total population of the country. Country become parliamentary republic in 1946 after it gained independence. It has single party system. Arabic is the official language in the country. Largest cities of Syria are given below:
  • Aleppo
  • Tadmur
  • Damascus
  • Ar Rastan
  • ?ims
  • Al Mayadin
  • ?amah
  • At Tall
  • Latakia
  • Abu Kamal
  • Dayr az Zawr
  • As Suwayda’
  • Ar Raqqah
  • Jablah
  • Al Bab
  • A‘zaz
  • Idlib
  • Manbij
  • Duma
  • Darayya
  • As Safirah
  • Al ?asakah
  • Salamiyah
  • Ath Thawrah
  • Tartus

Visit the website, which has been developed in the Arabic language. Users can contact the officials for any services or issue related to tracking or postal services.

PostFinance Login

PostFinance is a subsidiary of Swiss Post and it was founded in 1906. Financial services offered by this postal subsidiary are saving, pensions and real estate as well as national and international payments. Company is headquartered in the Basel and Zurich and offering financial and banking services. Company is serving in the France and Switzerland. Major services and products offered to the businesses and individual customers by the company are given below:
  • Investment BankingLinkMortgages
  • Investment Management
  • Consumer Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Private Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Corporate Banking
  • Credit Cards

There are services for the private customers and businesses. Customers services also involve debit and credit cards, E Trading, E Finance, Manage account, Change of name or address, Operation centre and location search.

To manage many services customers may need to use E Finance / e Trading PostFinance login. To sign into the account you need to enter your banking details. New users can apply online for various services offered by the company.

Those who are customers or fans of this service can also follow and stay connected with it via Twitter and Facebook social networking websites.

Official website:

Swiss Post

Swiss Post is the Switzerland based postal service it is known as Die Schweizerische Post in Germany, La Poste Suisse in French. Company was founded in 1849 and currently having more than 55000 employees. It is second largest in the country and headquartered in the Bern, owned by Swiss Confederation.

Major services offered by the company to the individual and business customers are related to Postal, Financial and Transport.
  • Letters
  • Direct Marketing
  • Document and Dialogue Solutions
  • Logistics
  • Real Estate
  • HR Solutions
  • InfraPost Limited
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Information Technologie
  • Financial Services
  • Public Transport Solutions
  • Sending and Receiving Mails
  • Shopping
  • Franking Mail
  • Tours
  • Carry Out Transaction
  • Swiss Post Card
  • Domestic and International Couriers
  • Track and Trace
  • International and Domestic Parcel / Letters
  • Swiss Express

You can calculate the prices for your postage / letters online through given tool in the official website. One can also find the Postcode / Online tracking, Post office locations and working hours etc.

Online tracking facility is available in the website where users just need to enter the consignment numbers to know the current status of your shipment.

Official website:

Country Info:
Switzerland which is also known as the Swiss Confederation is consisting of 26 Cantons. It is sharing borders with Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein. Country has German, Italian, French, Romnash speaking linguistic regions. Bern is the capital while Zurich is the largest Swiss city. LIst of Largest Swiss cities are given below:
  • Basel – The Industrial City
  • Biel / Bienne – The Watchmaking Town
  • Bern – The Capital of Switzerland
  • Geneva - The Smallest Metropolis in The World
  • Chur - The Oldest City
  • Lausanne - The City of Wine
  • Fribourg - The University Town
  • Lucerne - The Prettiest City
  • Locarno - The Film Festival City
  • St Gallen - The City of Architecture
  • Lugano - The Mediterranean City
  • Neuchatel - The City of Microtechnology
  • Zurich - The City of Money
  • Sion - City With The Two Castles
  • Zug - The Tax Paradise

In case of any issue or information related to postal or financial services by the company users can contact via details given on the official websites. S.P. is having specific websites for different services offered.

EMS Tracking - Thailand Post Track and Trace

Thailand Post is the national postal service serving the private and business customers. Popular services offered by the company are Postal Products, Transport Services, Retail Service, Communication Services, Stamps and Collectibles, Financial Services etc. In the fun zone sections users can enjoy online games, DIY postcard, Wallpaper, E-Card and Facebook page.

Service seekers can avail the facility of Ticket Reservation service, Financial Services, Postage Rate info, Visa status, [email protected], online shopping, EMS track and trace of consignments. Website of the Thai Post has been developed in the Thai and English languages.

Users can also stay connected with the company via social networking website Twitter and Facebook.

Thailand Post Company Limited
111 M.3 Changwattana Road, Laksi,
Bangkok, Thailand 10210-0299
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel : 0 2831 3131
Fax : 0 2831 3514

Online Track and Trace - EMS Tracking facility is given through the online web tool on the official website. In addition to the international EMS / Express mail service, users can also track and trace the Domestic EMS, Parcel International, Domestic Registered mail, Register International, Logispost etc.

Country Info:
Thailand is situated on the SouthEast Asia and IndoChina pennisula. Country is sharing borders with Laos, Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia. Country is larger than Spain and smaller than Yemen. It is 21st most populous country and 51st largest country in the world. Buddhism is the primary religion in the country. Largest cities of Thailand are given below:
  • Bangkok
  • Phuket
  • Nakhon Si Thammarat
  • Nonthaburi
  • Khon Kaen
  • Pattaya
  • Surat Thani
  • Hat Yai
  • Udon Thani
  • Nakhon Ratchasima
  • Chiang Mai
  • Pak Kret
  • Yala
  • Nakhon Sawan
  • Laem Chabang
  • Ubon Ratchathani
  • Chiang Rai
  • Nakhon Pathom
  • Songkhla
  • Phitsanulok
  • Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

For any information and query about the service users can comment below the post for reply and suggestions.

Youku Login Inc. is popular video hosting website in the China and it's name means Excellent and Cool. It is headquartered in Beijing and also having offices in Shanghai and Guanghou. Website has Youtube type video sharing facility for the Chinese users. Website has more than 250 million monthly unique visitors. It has been listed in New York Stock Exchange.

There is content of video bloggers, personal videos, television dramas, news programming, feature films, music videos, sports coverage, variety shows, animated features etc. 

Website is having more than 500 brand advertisers lke Lenovo, Coca Cola, China Mobile, Apple, P&G, Samsung, General Motors, Adidas, Pernod Ricard, BMW, LVMH, LOreal, Nokia, Toyota, Metersbonwe, Swatch, CCTV, BTV, IMG, MTv, Unilever, SBS,UFC, KBS, WTA, SonyBMG, Greenpeace, WWF, RedCross, Unicef, World Economic Forum, UN etc.

Users do not need to register or sign in for watching and browsing videos on this website. Those who want to upload and share videos can use the registration and YouKU login. Users can also use Youku login via their Tencent QQ, Happy Network, Everyone network, Alipay, Sina Microblogging, MSN, Tencent Microblogging account details.

11F, Sinosteel Plaza, 8 Haidian Dajie, Haidian District, Beijing, 100080, China

SINA Login

Sina is a leading Chinese online media company which is offering array of online media servcice across the world to the users. Company also own Sina Weibo which is leading social networking website in China and catering the microblogging and social networking needs of the people through it's Twitter Facebook hybrid rollover. This platform is having more than 140 million active users and there is addition of 20 million users every month. Website is much more popular than Chinese competitor Baidu and Tencent in microblogging and borwsing time in the country. According to the website, top 100 pages of the website is having 108 million followers. Company has verified more than 60000 accounts related to vips,  celebrities, sports stars etc. It is run by Shanghai based Sina corporation and credited as largest Chinese language infotainment web portal.

As per Alexa ranking, it is fourth most popular website in China and 17th most popular website across the world. In addition to the home country, it has significant web visitors from Japan, USA, Hong Kong and Korea.

Millions of users visit Sina login for Free email, CN mail, VIP eMail, Forum, Microblogging, Video, Blogs. 

New visitors can create their account. As on today, China is having largest number of internet visitors and they are increasing day by day. One can sign up and login for enjoying the microblogging and internet services.


QQ Sign Up

QQ is a Tencent Inc. owned web portal which was founded in 1998 is China's most used and largest internet website. It is among country's most popular online platform which offer chat, instant messenger service, emails, groups, discussion forums, QQ games, live radio, music, pet, shows, virtual products etc. Now company has also released products and services for mobile phone users and smartphone users through mobile version or on the go apps. QQ Instant messengers is having 448 million active users while 990 total registered users. QQ games and Instant messengers have peak concurrent users as 6.2 millions and 61.3 millions users respectively. is the group site which is among the most popular chinese internet shopping platform.

Website has been developed for general users who can surf via computers / laptops, iPad version, mobile version. There are news and information aobut the Sports, Politics, Technology, Fashion, Games, Reading, Women, Home Appliances, digiatl apps, Stock marktet etc. You can also search via SOSO through for web, video, picture, ask, map, news, music etc.

New users can create their account on by completing the registration form. With the QQ sign up you can also use the contact and find on Tencent Weibo. QQ Login also offers you advantage of using microblogging service, email, shopping, gaming etc.


MSN Login

MSN is Microsoft backed website which is a leading internet website. It is complete internet portal and search tool for web, video, images, shopping, maps, news etc. Website has been developed for it's global appeal and users from all over the world. Company is having localized version of MSN in South Africa, Maghreb, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Thailand, Brazil, Taiwan, Canada, Singapore, Chile, Philippines, Colombia, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Korea, Latin America, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, India, United States, Hong Kong, Venezuela, China, Arabia, United Kingdom, Austria, Turkey, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, Israel, Italy.

Users can also enjoy MSN messengers / chat, hotmail, live features through MSN login. Smartphone apps for Android / iPhone can also be downloaded for on the go hotmail use. 

There are information about everything on this portal like News, Movies, Jobs, Local events, Travel info, Online shopping, Sports, Advertisement etc. You can stay updated via Facebook / Twitter for latest announcements and updates from MSN.

MSN login is useful option for the existing users to stay connected while the new users can sign up for the service of this portal. Profile creation or account activation is very simple and easy even for internet layman.

One should visit the website for sign in / sign up at MSN:
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