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Yamuna Nagar Transport

Yamuna Nagar district is on the northern most part of Haryana state. It also share borders with Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Haryana Roadways service is an important service to the people of this area for communication and transport. Bust depot in the district was established in 1975 there are many important bus stand in the district.

There are around 150 buses in the district and it carry more than 50000 passengers daily with around 50000 kilometers distance coverage everyday. Yamuna Nagar depot is having around 550 roadways employees. Around 30 permits have been issued to the private bus operators in the district for local routes.

Those who are looking for the goods transport and relocation services can also contact the Transport companies, Packers and Movers service providers. Home goods shifting and car transportation services are offered by the professional moving company. Users can also avail the services like courier and parcel, logistics and supply chain, shipping and air cargo service by the professional companies.

For important information about the Yamuna Nagar, users can visit the official website of the district administration [ ] and Police department website [ ].

For any information or question related to the district can be discussed in the below given comment area.

Users can avail the transportation services through Gati Logistics, TCI India, Om Logistics, Agarwal Packers and Movers, DTDC, Blazeflash Courier, BlueDart courier etc.
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