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Flight Centre

flight centre
Flight Center is a leading travel agency in the Canada, which has it's office across the country and provide ticketing, online booking, flights, vacation packages, cruises, traveling assistance across Canada. There are around 1000 travel consultants who can assist you in your plan by calling at 1877 967 5302. One can visit the website to know about the company, how to get job in the company through careers openings, blog, online enquiry etc.

There is online enquiry form for flights, cruises, packages, hotels search and booking. One need to submit the details according to your query and after getting the search, once you have planned, you can book your tickets or travel packages. There are information online about Flights, Stores, Vacations, Travel Extras, Hotels, Airlines, Tours, Travel Specialists, Cruises, Destinations, Rail etc.

Company has around 200 stores across country and provide top deals everyday for it's users. One can browse in the website various deals, packages, hotels, destinations etc. Users can subscribe via email, rss feeds, social media etc.

Most popular tours are adventure, exotic city, historic, coach and bus, luxury, cruise, day trips and sightseeing, culinary tours. Popular destinations and vacations are Africa, South America, North America, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Golf vacations, Disney world, Disneyland, Ski and Snowboarding or build your own packages.

One stay connected via internet, mobile site, social media websites like Facebook / Twitter, on the go smartphone apps like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android Phones etc.

Visit to book your tickets or plan a travel package. Main website providing web traffic are Google Canada and main website, Facebook, Sofvoyage, Expedia, Air Canada, Inetglobal, Westjet etc. More than 70 % users are from Canada while significant traffic is also from India, USA, Ukraine etc.

WAYN - Where Are You Now

WAYN dot com seems to be most popular travel blog in the world with Alexa Ranking around 1500 among the all websites. Main visitors are from India while significant unique online users also visit from USA, UK, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Uzbekistan, Canada, Iran, Pakistan, Italy etc. It is among top blog / platform for travelers around. Main web traffic to WAYN is by Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Live, YouTube, LinkedIn, Netlog, Tagged, Badoo websites.

Those who are new can create their accounts in just few seconds. They just need to submit some information like Full name, Email, DOB, Location, Gender etc. There are already millions of users / members regularly using the WAYN network for various activities and information online. Users who are having their WAYN Login account or via Facebook, Twitter, Live account details they can login to the website.

Users can visit the popular pages like Photos, destinations, friend finding, activities, meet people, who's around, traveling in general, camping, make friend, antiques, explore Europe, Christmas Island, Italy, Gibraltar, Nazreth, Kuala Lumpur, Pretoria etc.

One can also know the details about founder of WAYN network and their blog. Those who want to contact or advertise on the website can visit the specific pages. One can stay connected to the traveling network via social media websites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. One can also visit the mobile website / on the go apps of smartphone like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, iPad etc.

Elliot Travel Solution Blog

travel blog
Elliott dot Org is leading USA based website of Christopher Elliott's who is a consumer advocate and you can find all the information to fix your travel related problems. Christopher has developed his presence in all the popular social media networks and online places like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Email, Tumblr, Flickr, Skype, Foursquare, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Google Plus etc. One can also know about the customer contacts like Expedia, Intercontinental, Orbitz, Marriott, Travelocity, Hilton, American Airlines, US Airways, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines etc.

One can visit the Elliott's blog to know about the latest updates and how to fix your travel problems. Either you should visit the blog / website regularly or stay connected via various social media pages / presence on Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Google + etc.

The Travle Solution Provider Elliott's website is among the top 50000 websites in the world and among top 20000 websites in the USA. Major web traffic on the site is from USA, India, Peru, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Australia etc.

Official website:

Christopher is blogging and informing people to fix their problems since 1996. He is online and providing solutions and staying connected with fans, clients and customers.

Online users visit this site for travel blog info and traveling problems across the world and to stay connected with Consumer Advocate Elliott Christopher.

Travel Blog - As We Travel

travel blog
As We Travel Dot Com is a popular blogging website of wandering class across the world. This site is popular in India, United Kingdom, United States of America, Sweden, Greece, Germany, Philippines, Canada, Australia etc. Major web traffic on the site is from popular websites Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

As We Travel is a great blog with more than 600 posts which are very useful for frequent travelers. One can stay connected and get informed about various updates from the website by Facebook, Rss, Twitter and Email Subscription. New users can start on a page to know about the website and reading the popular and favorite travel articles like:
  • Why I Travel Instead Of Study
  • Places To Visit Before It’s Too Late
  • The Power Of Saying Yes While Traveling
  • Do We Travel To Escape Reality?
  • How To Travel The World With No Check-In Luggage
  • How To Take Pictures Of Yourself While Traveling
  • Will You Always Be A Budget Traveler?
  • Things To Do In London – For Free!
  • 25 Most Inspiring Travel Bloggers In 2010
  • How To Ease Travel Sickness
  • How To Bargain And Get The Best Deal
  • Having A Hand To Hold While Traveling
  • 10 Ways To Stop Stress When You Travel
  • Are You Traveling Blind?
Cheapest Days to Fly and Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets
NEW: Our RTW Gear List – The 2011 Version
4 Most Dangerous & Crazy Roads Around The World

You can know more about the website, blogs, travel videos along with thousands of subscribers and followers of this website.

Travel Blog:

Those who wants to work with the company can apply for job to work with As we Travel dot com. There are other websites which are part of the network in Europe. Users can search among the popular 600 articles by latest, most popular and comment based by given side widget.

TravelPod - Free Travel Blogs

Travel Pod dot Com is labeled as The web's original travel blog which share experiences from 188 countries across world with millions of travel experiences Web users can login or connect with Facebook with this leading blog to share their experiences. New users can sign up and start free travel blog to share with the world their ideas and activities.

New users can create their account and blog while those who are having their account can login / sign in [also Facebook Login] to manage their account, update blog or write new posts, share photos etc. One can browse through the featured trips and recent trips.

Blogs have been categorized and classified according to countries, photos, videos like updates from Singapore, Germany, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Italy, United States etc.

Partners of the TravelPod are Virtual Tourist, TripAdvisor, Cheap Flights, Travel with Kids, Travel Slideshow, Cruise Reviews, Travel Reviews etc. It has been classified as best travel journal website by National Geographic Traveller, CNN, USA Today dot Com etc.

Users can explore forums, destinations, traveler IQ challenge etc.

Free Travel Blogs:

Top hotel destinations across the world are Amsterdam, Chicago, Bangkok, Cancun, Barcelona, Berlin, Batangas Beach Resorts, Dubai, Beijing, London, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Kuta, Istanbul, Los Angeles, Kissimmee, New York, Marrakech, New Orleans, Miami, Negril, Montreal, Orlando, Myrtle Beach, San Antonio, Paris, Playa Del Carmen, Punta Cana All Inclusive Resorts, Puerto Plata, Puerto Vallarta, San Diego, Washington, Sharm El Sheikh, Varadero, Singapore, Toronto etc. One can book and browse the hotels details. Users can follow via Facebook, Twitter and stay connected via multimedia mobile phone via mobile website and smartphone on the go apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc.

Travel Blog

Travel Blog dot Org is a leading travel portal with large number of weblogs from the avid travelers. One can visit the website to create a travel blog for free. There are thousands of bloggers who share their experience and activities online on this common platform for free to discuss among each other and upload their photo while traveling across the world. There is section for photo, blogs, travel guide, insurance, wall paper, forums etc.

It has popular blogs about Africa, Asia, Antartica, Europe, North America, Central America and Caribbean, Oceania, Middle East, South America, Oceans and seas. One can browse among the millions of blogs from travelers with large number of unlimited photos, maps, videos and blogs. It has been a great platform and website for users since it's inception.

Users can login those who already have their account on this website while those who are not having their account can sign up and start blogging. Fans can follow the blog via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Rss feed etc.


One can browse and visit the website to start a travel blog, find hotels, say something, travel insurance, find flights etc. Recent activities on website are displayed like updated blogs, new forum posts, new bloggers, new photos etc. One can also visit newest, hottest or highlights. One can also browse like featured blogs, panoramic, most recent blogs or blogger of the week etc.

This site is mostly visited by the internet users from India, USA, United Kingdom, China, Thailand, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Ethiopia etc. Main traffic to the site is from Google variants as well as Yahoo and Facebook also contribute 2% web traffic to this.
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