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Agoda - Online Hotel Booking & Resorts Reservations

Agoda is popular in South East Asian countries as online reservations portal for hotels and resorts in Asia and worldwide destinations. Website has been developed in more than 30 popular languages and users from all over the world can create a profile / sign up and login to get a deal / offering for hotels and resorts online booking. It is considered as a Smarter Hotel Booking site with best deals worldwide.

It is among 740 most popular sites in the internet as per Alexa Ranking and also among top 70 most used websites in Indonesia. It is very popular in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Mexico, Philippines, Inida etc. Agoda is also top travel and hotel booking site in more than thirty countries like Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, Peru, Hong Kong, Egypt, Serbia, Israel, Nigeria, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, Germany, Mexico, United States of America, Japan, Italy, Venezuela, China, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, India etc.

Most popular hotels on the Agoda online booking are Al Shaam Hotel Dubai, Zambia Hotels, APK Resort, Grand Seasan, Jodhpur Hotels, Marina Bay Stand, Cambodia and Bali hotels. Users can also find / browse the top selling cities and travel destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya / Thailand, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia, Bali / Indonesia, Tokyo / Japan, Ho Chi Minh City / Vietnam, Manila / Philippines. Other top destinations in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Rest of the world can also be browsed online.

Company is also supporting top five reasons to book with Agoda as they have 163000 hotels worldwide in 22000 cities, around 4 millions satisfied customers, 1.6 million hotel reviews and 1000 free nights redeemed daily via reward points.

Dragon deals in Chinese new year celebrations in Beijing, Sanya, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ziamen, Hangzhou, Taipei, Hong Kong, Maldives, Macau, Bangkok, Hawaii, Tokyo, London, Paris etc.

Hotel destinations in Agoda across the world in various cities and countries frequently browsed are Australia, Maldives, Sydney, Kuala Lumpur, Cambodia, Malaysia, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, China, Laos, Shanghai, Tokyo, India, Japan, New Delhi, Bali, Ho Chi Minh, Bali, Myanmar, Vietnam, Yangon, Bangkok, Nepal, Thailand, Kathmandu, Taipei, New Zealand, Taiwan, Auckland, Colombo, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Austria, South Korea, Budapest, Vienna, Hungary, Czech Republic, Athens, Prague, Greece, Denmark, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Germany, Finland, Paris, Helsinki, France, Ireland, London, Dublin, UK, Italy, Geneva, Rome, Switzerland, Netherlands, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Sweden, Russia, Barcelona, Moscow, Argentina, Spain, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Venezuela, Rio De Janeiro, New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Vancouver, Bahrain, Cape Town, Israel, South Africa, Jerusalem, Marrakech, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Dubai, Cairo, Egypt.

Users can find about affiliate partners, travel blog, hotel partner info / login, careers / jobs etc. 24/7 customer services are offered to the clients across the world by the company in traveling and online hotel booking and reservation assistance. One can also use Agoda self service login [] for change dates, cancel booking, special request, hotel voucher, receipt etc. Agoda rewards and special offers can by fetched by visiting and registration on the site. Those who have social networking accounts can also follow via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc while those who have smartphones can download apps or visit mobile site. It is an initiative by Priceline.

SouthWest Airlines

southwest airlines
SouthWest is among US based largest and most popular Airline companies. It has been offering world class travel services to it's travelers across USA. According to Alexa Ranking it is among top 700 most popular website as per usage and also ranked 138 in USA currently. More than 97% users of this portal are from United States of America. One can visit the portal for Southwest Airlines Check In and Rapid Rewards.

There are lots of services which are provided by the company to it's customers like book flights online and also Hotels, Vacations, Car hire etc. SW Airlines also announce special offers and one can know about rapid rewards and travel guide. Users can also share the SouthWest Travel Experiences and services on website and create their accounts, sign up n save by login and managing your accounts for travel, booking flights, hotels etc.

SW Airline Cargo services can be used for air cargo handling across various cities / destinations. Service seekers can find various options / rates and book their cargo with this leading company. One can visit the web for contact info, mobile website, travel tools, refunds, pet travel, early bird check in, cruises, wifi hotspot, group travel, careers, SW citizenship, customer commitments, login etc.

Fans and users can use various methods to stay connected via various options like Southwest Blog, conversation, communities on the official website or official pages at Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. Those who are using mobile phones / smartphone should visit the mobile access option and download various apps for iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, BlackBerry etc.

Southwest Airlines
P.O. Box 36647-1CR
Dallas, Texas 75235
Call 24/7: 1-800-I-FLY-SWA

Eastern Airways

eastern airways
Britons are well acquainted with Eastern Airways which is based on United Kingdom. EA has more than half of the users from UK while others are from rest of the world. Main web traffic to the website is from Air SouthWest and Google UK websites. With the Tagline " It Pays to Fly Eastern Airways" EA offer top class travel experience and cheap flight tickets to the users.

One can book flight online to and from Cardiff, Aberdeen, Bristol, Glasgow, Birmingham, East Midlands, NewCastle, Wick, Durham Tees Valley, Stornoways, Leeds, Stavanger, Bradford, Humberside, Southampton, Norwich one way or round trip. One can find / browse flights or call Customer contact centre: 08703 669100.

Travelers should visit the web to know about various routes and discounted deals / offers by the EA. There is availability of various discounts on UK car hire and users can book online via Eastern Airways website.

One can also download the iPhone App via Apple App Store or one can also stay connected by following Facebook and Twitter updates. Users can also subscribe to eNewsletters. Users can also navigate the site for Car Hire, Online Booking help and luggage info, inflight magazine, air discount scheme, customer profile, feedback, careers, fleet, charter flights, crew etc.

Head Office
Eastern Airways
Schiphol House
Humberside Airport
DN39 6YH
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