Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PowerSchool Student Login

Powerschool is product of Pearson Education Inc. and it is a student information system. It helps the student, parents, staff schedule information. It is a database application developed to facilitate student information management and communication among parents, teachers and student.

Students or Parnets can login to dashboard for account management and availing the information through the portal. It gives realtime information to the parents about their child related to their school attendance, detailed assignment, grades, school bulletine etc. Parents can access the stduents progress through this information portal.

Powerschool Student login is required for the students or parents. In case of forgot password or any issue one may contact the Help Desk at 363-0390 or [email protected].  

You should not share others information or share your username / password with others.

Userguide for Powerschool Parent Login is also given on the school website.
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