Monday, June 25, 2012

TxDOT - Texas Department of Transportation

Texas Department of Transportation is having its main government portal which is online portal and information directory. Users can find the various online resources like Business with TxDOT, Projects, Careers, Safety, Drivers and Vehicles, TxDot Library, Public involvement, News, Travel.

Web visitors looking for the local transporation information about the Texas state may explore the portal to know all the means of transport and resources available online. Details about the various transpot modes in Texas have been given in the site like road transport, railways, airlines, cars, bicycle, bikes, public transport, shipping or waterways.

A long list of the quick links has been given for online application and registration of driving license, hearing and meetings, vehicle registration, highway conditions, commission information, TxDOT tracker online, traffic camera on highways, 100 congested roadways, law enforcement, web based project tracker, report on pothole.

Online users can also find the local info related to transport by selecting one of the county of Texas state. One can also visit the related website of Texas Government or follow the social media for the Transport updates on Facebook, Podcast, Youtube, Flickr. Candidates need to follow the official pages on specific social media websites to receive alerts or latest updates.

TxDOT, 125 East 11th Street . Austin, Texas 78701

Those looking for the Transportation jobs or careers in the government sector in the state in Transport may explore about the latest announcements or positions available open on the website.
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