Monday, November 14, 2011

Google Plus Login

Google Plus is an initiative by the Internet search giant to overtake or compete with social networking giant Facebook. G Plus initiative of the company is over the multiple failure in the  social media domain. Google has already lost it's project like G. Wave, G. Buzz, Orkut etc. None of the social media related project has left it's effects globally. Orkut was the only project which has shown remarkable influence in the Brazil and India for few years which is now nowhere near Facebook even in these above mentioned countries. Plus project was hyped as the Facebook killer but it does not seems to be working like that. Somehow, it is better than earlier social media initiative by the internet king.

Google Plus login and sign up was allowed through invitation only procedure to selected users. The attempt was highly successful for the launch of new social media website which was seen as the blend of Twitter and Facebook features. Just after couple of months of it's release sign up option was open to all internet users. Now, Anyone can create an account on Plus by sign up. If you already having Google account then you can sign in with that username and password.

Major features of this social media website are Hangout, Circles etc. You can enjoy the site features and connect to your friend through Google Plus Sign In at


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