Best 4k Projector 2021 has Launched by BenQ

Best 4k Projector 2021 has Launched by BenQ

Best 4K Projector with stunning picture quality has been launched, will make the room a cinema house, know everything

BenQ recently launched a 4K projector named BenQ V7050i which is equipped with latest technologies and features. Know what are the features in it and for how much it will be available in India.

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer BenQ has launched a new 4K UHD ultra-short-throw laser TV projector called the BenQ V7050i which is also available in India. In this projector, users will also get HDR-Pro, Cinematic Color, Built-in Android Smart TV and Film-Maker Mode. Let’s look at the features of this TV projector from BenQ

Best 4K Projector  Picture Quality and Display

This projector features Motion Estimation and Compensation Technology (MEMC) to enhance the viewing experience of action-packed content. Also, it has HDR-Pro technology which improves the brightness and contrast range. This projector is equipped with the latest 0.47-inch TI DMD ECD chipset with XDR technology to support 4K UHD resolution.

It comes with a 120-inch ALR screen that absorbs 93% of the ceiling light and reflects it like the light emanating from the projector.

Design of the Best 4K Projector

This BenQ projector comes with automatic sun slider and motion sensor for eye protection. This automatic sun slider turns off automatically when the projector is not in use to protect it from dust. Its eye protection motion sensor does not allow damage to the eyes even when the user is watching something on this projector from a very close distance.

Best 4K Projector Audio Features

Its front channel treVolo speakers offer true tone sound that will make you feel like you are sitting in a cinema hall. Apart from these built-in speakers, you can also attach external speakers to this projector, for which the facility of an optical out/HDMI (eARC) port has been provided.

Best 4K Projector BenQ Projector Price and Warranty

Let us tell you that you can buy BenQ V7050i here in India for Rs 4,50,000. Talking about the warranty of this product, you will get three years onsite warranty on the projector and three years or 15 thousand hours warranty on its light source and installation support.

If you also want the cinematic experience sitting at your home and want to watch your favourite shows and movies on the big screen, then buy this BenQ projector right away.

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