Whatsapp Banned 20 Lakhs Accounts in a Month – Here’s Why

Whatsapp Banned 20 Lakhs Accounts in a Month

WhatsApp Banned gave a big blow to the users of India, more than 20 lakh accounts were banned in a month, know why this step was taken

WhatsApp has banned two million accounts in India in August 2021 and the company itself has released this information through its compliance report. Let’s know more about it.

Social media platforms are used by all kinds of people and in such a situation, their companies have made some strict policies so that the safety of all the users can be fully taken care of. If any user goes against these policies, then these companies do not fail to take steps against them. Recently, WhatsApp has banned several lakh accounts in a month in India. Let’s know the whole matter..

WhatsApp Banned Several Lakh Accounts

According to the report, WhatsApp has banned about 20 lakh accounts in India in the month of August 2021. WhatsApp has said in its compliance report that the company has received 420 complaints in the month of August and in total WhatsApp has banned 20,70,000 accounts.

Between June 16 and July 31, WhatsApp filed 594 complaints and blocked over three million Indian accounts.

Reason behind this Whatsapp Banned

WhatsApp had said some time ago that the reason behind 95% of the accounts it has banned is spam messages coming from those accounts. If we look at the global level, WhatsApp has banned about eight million accounts in a month.

How WhatsApp Keeps Ssers’ Attention

WhatsApp has clarified that due to their end-to-end encryption policy, they are not able to see the messages of the users and in order to take care of the security of the users, the signals from the accounts, work without encryption. After understanding the features and user reports, etc., they take the decision of the ban.

Let us tell you that due to the new IT rules issued in India, all social media platforms have to submit a compliance report every month, in which it is necessary to talk about all those statistics to know how many complaints have been filed by the platform. And against whom action has been taken.

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